The Road to Silent Musing

A 9 hour drive in the car has the potential to give this silent muser A LOT to think about! Especially if the rest of my family falls asleep which happens frequently. I’m always the driver so that luxury doesn’t fall upon me.

Like many other long trips I’ve found myself on, I find my mind wandering through all sorts of topics. But this time it was a little different. In the past all the thoughts would go through my mind and I would just enjoy the time, with little to no intention of saying much of it to anyone.

Since I started this blog, I’ve found myself desiring to sit down and write. A new and strange desire to me as I’ve always hated to sit down and write a paper for a class. And while driving through 3 states on vacation I was wishing there was an app that would record my thoughts for further editing! Instead I was jotting down topics and ideas for future blogs at each rest area and gas station.

So as the new year begins and I head down roads previously unknown I hope you’ll join me.


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