Black & White: A tribute to my gay uncle


I grew up in a world of black and white.
There’s no mistake, no room for grace
A piece of you never spoken forthright
Once revealed no room for embrace

Easy to judge, harder to love
A picture in drag opens a world unknown
Holding back, what should I speak of
Keep it simple, don’t condone

Always a smile on your face
Always a kind word to say
Now it’s too late, you’re gone to another place
Opportunity past, many lost days

Black and white, white and black
Turns out it’s not as simple as I thought
I wrestle with the words, keep looking back
Wrestle with the meanings, and what I was taught

All of us are people, there’s no room for hate
The big picture speaks of love and of grace
I’m sorry for the past, I couldn’t relate
I want to love better, create a safe space

I don’t have the answers
I’m seeking the truth
I’ll take my chances
Follow the God of my youth




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