Month: October 2014

She Will Be Happy

A beautiful post from a birthmother’s perspective. My favorite Quote:

I want her to know, I want to scream, that I only wanted her to be happy. It was all I was thinking about. It was all that mattered. I want her to know I am sorry. I am sorry if she ever felt rejected or unloved from the moment she came into this world. I am so sorry. My love, you were never unloved. You were always wanted. Everyday of my life my soul calls for you. And it always will.

Musings of a Birthmom

I just want her to be happy.  That doesn’t mean I want her to be without trials. That doesn’t mean I don’t want her to never feel pain. We grow and learn from pain and trials. But I do want her to be happy. Regardless of all of my wants and desires to have her in my life, if I just knew she was happy then I could find peace. After all, wasn’t it the whole reason I did what I did? I was promised she would be happy. I was promised this because they could give her all of the things that I could not at the time. I was promised happiness for my daughter. I have no peace because I cannot genuinely say, given her history and all that has transpired, that she is happy.  Her actions are not the actions of someone who is happy.  Her behavior…

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